This website is not the official site of Travancore Devasom Board which maintains Sabarimala Temple. This is an informational site maintained by, Inc. USA
Daily Pooja


Standard Schedule of Rituals at Sabarimala Temple

During Makaravilakku season, the temple opening is at 3:00 AM and closing at 11:45PM. So some of the pooja timings will shift accordingly. Essentially, this is the trend of events


Opening and Closing Time 
16.08.2014 - 5.30 pm Nada Opening
21.08.2014 - 10.00pm Nada Closing
27.08.2014 - 5.30pm Nada Opening
31.08.2014 - 10.00 pm Nada Closing
16.09.2014 - 5.30 pm Nada Opening 
21.09.2014 - 10.00 pm Nada Closing
16.10.2014 - 5.30 pm Nada Opening
21.09.2014 - 10.00 pm Nada Closing
15.11.2014 - 5.30 pm Nada Opening
26.12.2014 - 10.00 pm Nada Closing

For Makara Vilakku Festival
31.12.2014 - 5.30 pm Nada Opening
20.01.2015 - 10.00 pm Nada Closing
Daily Pooja Timing at Sabarimala
Nada Opening
Morining 3:00
Nirmalyam 3:05
Neyyabhishekam 3:05 - 11:30
G 4:20
Usha Pooja 7:30
UchaPooja 12:30
Nada Closing
Nada Opening
Evening 3:00
Deeparadhana 6:15
Pushpabhishekam 8:00
Athazha Pooja 11:00
Harivarasanam 11:30
Closing the Sanctorum 11:45

Daily Pooja Timing at Maalikappuram

Nada Opening Moring 3:00
Nirmalyam 3:15
Usha Pooja 7:30
Ucha Pooja 12:30
Nada Closing
Opening the Sanctorum Evening 3:00
Deeparadhana 6:20
Bhagavathi seva 7:00
Athazha Pooja 10:30
Closing of Sanctorum 11:00


Note: The information provided on this site is to the best of our knowledge and may not be the latest and accurate information. We try to collect and post updated information regularly

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